Solution – Cost Per Page

The problem doesn’t happen overnight; nor does the most efficient approach to a solution.

Typically, our clients are not in a position to implement all of our recommendations from the Discovery and Design process. This is often the result of discovering the multiple contractual agreements that may be in place, in addition to a lack of either capital or operational budget in their current fiscal year.

As a transition step, our clients often engage us in a Cost Per Page agreement. Our Cost Per Page agreements allow our clients to utilize their existing fleet of products under one simple “master” service agreement that includes all toner and maintenance, while empowering the client to implement any new products as part of the overall Managed Print Strategy in the future.

Quite simply, a Cost Per Page agreement is a billing program that charges our clients to pay for only the prints they make. Usually at pennies a page! Printerworks customized billing models give you all the information you need to understand your total operating costs for print under one simple agreement! Finally you’ll be able to answer the seemingly simple question.

What is the total cost of our print, copy and fax services every month?