Environmental Study

The PrinterWorks environmental mandate is: to provide our customers with products that are both energy efficient and environmentally sustainable without compromising productivity; to operate in a manner that promotes environmental responsibility throughout the workplace; and to enable our customers to achieve their imaging solutions goals while reducing their impact on the environment.

Within the framework of the PrinterWorks Managed Print Services specialization we can help our customers adopt, manage, measure, and report on Sustainability both directly and indirectly as affected by all office printing equipment. We can help our customers write their own Sustainability Report as a direct result of the expertise and methodology we follow in managing an organization’s printing requirements.

Like financial reporting, writing a sustainability report requires a standard of care, transparency, and diligence that all stakeholders can appreciate. A successful sustainability report will demonstrate how your company’s overall strategy will fit into long term business goals. Companies need to avoid the “Greenwashing” that happens either intentionally or not within the act of misleading environmental practices as well as overstated possible benefits of products and services.

Logo - Global Reporting InitiativePrinterWorks follows core principles accepted internationally through organizations like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) on how we scope the impacts of print to the environment and then measure all metrics within that scope. From our device Discovery and Design process we can report very detailed pictures of ‘current state’ as measured against standard office costs and efficiencies as well as environment impact. All customer products and services occupy environmental space beyond internal floor plans where the complete Value Chain must also be analyzed when selecting suppliers. Combine the supply chain metrics of suppliers to simple practices around duplexing, energy star, device right sizing, power consumption, recycling processes, and pure reduction practices so we can quantify gains on Green House Gas reductions and Carbon Footprint progress.

Did you know? 1 TONNE of CO2 = 6.5 seconds of Airline Flight
emissions from one Cow for an entire year
660 bottles of Australian wine made and shipped to Canada
3000 miles driven in your gas powered car
boiling a kettle over 20,000 times
the volume of 6 Double Decker Buses

Tips to Control Print Costs:

#3: Duplex – setting print drivers to automatically print on both sides of a page will save substantial dollars on your paper costs, and will reduce the impact on our environment.

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