Why do we care so much?  Because we’re independent, we value high quality service, we love solving problems, and we really can’t stand copier sales people.

Here’s a short history lesson… When PrinterWorks was established in November of 2000, office print, fax, and copy infrastructure was becoming increasingly driven and controlled by the large office machine manufacturers.  Customers felt forced into purchasing or leasing large, expensive, devices, while being locked into long term service contracts that didn’t truly service their business requirements.  Often these large copiers or multi-function machines would fail, thus giving rise to distributed laser and inkjet printing devices that would proliferate around the office;  The result was office-equipment overload whereby printers, copiers, MFP’s, fax machines, and scanners began littering valuable office space.  It was not atypical to see copier rooms filled with machinery that was under-utilized, and office floor space filled with office machinery that was over-sold.  This created the “mixed fleet” office environment with multiple machine types, multiple supply contracts, and multiple service systems.

This is where PrinterWorks comes in…

In the early 2000’s, PrinterWorks was a fledgeling service company that specialized in repairing the rapidly growing laser and inkjet printers that were taking over office space.  Once immersed in the office equipment service game however, it became evident that the reason for the uncontrolled growth of office equipment was that nobody was advocating for the client!  Essentially, customers were devoid of a choice when facing the daunting task of managing these complex mixed fleets of printers and copiers.  Clients simply kept feeding the vicious circle of refreshing old technology with the newest, shinyest, biggest machine because there really was no other option.  Hence our disdain for the copier salesman.  Even worse, two parallel industries essentially emerged as printers and copiers were typically handled by two different internal business silos (Information Technology and Supply Chain).

This really was the genesis of Managed Print Services program that we launched in 2005:  In a nutshell, it was to help clients better manage and control their entire print, copy, fax, and scan infrastructure by finally merging the two parallel industries that had developed – the traditional copier industry, and the printer industry.  Most importantly, it gave clients an independent view and an advocate that could hold both industries to task when it came to making important decisions on the long term infrastructure needs of large offices.

Our MPS Solution manages and controls the big ball of paper waste that too often rolls around unchecked collecting paper, money, and people’s time in today’s businesses.

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