If you’ve read our About Us and History pages, you’ve learned that we’re fiercely independent, we have a large disdain for the traditional sales processes associated with our industry, and we’re a service-first organization.   So, logically, we’ve created services and programs to match our passions and abilities.  We’ve developed a methodology that we call Managed Print Services that breaks industry norms by putting the client first, delivers affordable high quality services, and produces measurable results to a client’s bottom line.  This solution is steeped in fact-based decision making and a deep analysis of client needs, while maximizing sustainable business practices.  Everything is based on an individualized client Playbook with clear milestones and guidelines, because, after all:

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there…”

Managing and controlling print costs is a process that really does require knowledge, expertise, and discipline.  Although it is rarely top of mind in large organizations, and costs can be buried in deep dark places on Income Statements, here are some facts that everyone should be aware of:

  • “As much as 1-3 percent of corporate revenues are spent on printing costs.”  Gartner Group
  • “The average employee prints 12,000 pages annually and can cost a business as much as $1,000 a person in toner.”  Cap Ventures
  • “For every 8,333 pages printed, one tree is eliminated from our forests”  PrintReLeaf

At PrinterWorks, we offer industry-leading solutions that are proven to control and lower costs, reduce waste, and improve device uptime.  Sometimes it’s as easy as a “cost per print” solution, as explained in this video:



Regardless of the need, our experienced team of service and sales specialists help our clients navigate through the myriad of products, services, and solutions available in the Printer and Copier industries on a daily basis.  We’re a service first company with a proven track record of implementing systems and management tools to control costs in large organizations;  most importantly, we’re here for the long term. Our clients understand that without a long-term print strategy in place that revolves around quality service and meeting key objectives, they are simply throwing money away.

We’re not motivated by selling new hardware, we’re motivated by providing excellent services.  We encourage all of our clients to engage in a Discovery and Design process prior to making any decisions on choosing hardware, supplies, or service. Without historical, current, and future print volume trend information, clients can be sold products or solutions that simply do not match the needs or requirements of their organization. These fleet services are all part of all our client engagements at PrinterWorks.   Click to learn more about our solutions at the following links:

Or simply contact us today if you’re serious about controlling your print-related costs and building a long-term strategy that will fit within your IT budgets.