3D Print Solutions

Has 3D printing really arrived?

The answer to this question is “yes, absolutely”, and the question now is more like “to what capacity can we use 3D Printing?”.  Of the many markets whereby the 3D printer is ready for primetime, the most prominent are Eduction, Healthcare, and Architecture/Engineering.  Watch and learn how 3D printing if affecting on-demand manufacturing:



In Education, the desktop or consumer-level versions of 3D printers are perfect for student labs and S.T.E.M.(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) based learning initiatives.  Students are encouraged to learn the fundamentals of engineering and the core subjects in order to build their project and achieve a finished printed object.  Entire curriculums are being developed and implemented across schools worldwide based on the STEM learning methods.  In additional, many 3D Print manufacturers are actually helping to develop these curriculums to ensure a bright future for the students and the 3D Print market. Although exciting and seemingly foolproof, the maintenance of these device may be intimidating for educators and student. At PrinterWorks, our 3D MPS program will alleviate the concerns of adopting, implementing, and managing a 3D printer fleet for all relevant departments,  (School Boards, IT Departments, Purchasing Groups, Facilities staff, Principals and Teachers).

Healthcare has propelled the 3D printer space with some of the most ground breaking and awe-inspiring applications of the 3D printer to date.  From the printing of customized prosthetics, to actual printing and utilization of human organs, the potential of 3D is seemingly endless. Here are some of our favorite and sometimes tear-inducing stories showcasing how 3D printing technology is improving the Health industry:

Successful implementation and utilization of these devices across a fleet requires a global 3D print strategy within an organization, which will require adoption from a diverse set of stakeholders. In most institutions this would include departments such as Information Technology, Facilities, Operations, Professional Administrator, Doctors, and Purchasing. Ensuring the proper selection of technologies, successful deployment, and on-going support services for these technologies are the cornerstones of PrinterWorks’ 3D MPS services.

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