Managed Print Services (MPS)

There is no shortage of information that you can find on the subject of MPS.  From searching on Google to asking your friendly neighborhood copier salesman, everyone seems to have an opinion.

By reading the information, and and absorbing much of the industry dialogue on the subject matter, one would assume that an MPS program revolves around “software” or “hardware” and can be “purchased” out of a box.  Indeed, it would seem that Managed Print Services is just a fancy new term to describe the age-old menial task of leasing a photocopier, adding a service contract, adding a document routing icon to the control panel,  wrapping it up in a cost per page billing system, and having it all dropped off at your back door for easy installation.

These views about MPS really couldn’t be more misleading, and are downright insulting to a true MPS provider.

So what exactly is an MPS solution?  Sometimes when answering this question, it is easier to describe what it is not.  At PrinterWorks, our MPS program does not revolve around software or hardware, and it most certainly does not revolve around a high pressure sales process designed to oversell machines that are are wasteful in their size, abilities, and carbon footprint.

Here’s a short video on an MPS implementation that saved one of our customers time, money, and their sanity:



Our solutions revolve around service.  They revolve around management and people, and truly integrating with a client’s IT department.   Manufacturers, and many of our competitors, believe that MPS should come out of the box as a hardware or software solution.  This misses the point altogether.  Services, the key component to MPS, should be meant to literally “serve” the customer better.  That’s how we view it.  We bend our organization to match the unique needs of each of our truly valued clients, so that the MPS we provide for Client A will inherently be different than the MPS that we’ll provide at Client B, because the client’s needs are different.  That’s right:  No two businesses are the same, therefore no two MPS programs are exactly the same.  We take the time to understand and integrate with the client.  Thus, we end up doing the “right” thing for the client because our goal is to serve, not to sell.  In fact, we measure ourselves this way, and have the client hold us to task on these service measurement goals.

It is no fluke that in a recent survey, 96% of our clients rated our services as “excellent” or better, that’s why we’ve been able to deliver over 1/2 billion pages under PrinterWorks MPS programs.

It’s really why we ask the question sometimes:  “Why take chances?  You don’t go to a dentist if you’ve hurt your ankle!  If you’re serious about wanting an MPS solution, why not go to a proven MPS provider?”

For some truly informed reading on the subject, we suggest reading this article, “death of the copier“, and then contacting us for an enlightened discussion to see if Managed Print Services is really the right solution for you.