Software Solutions

The software solutions that we provide our clients are designed to control and reduce cost, reduce waste, and improve security.

Do these themes sound familiar yet?

The whole point of entering into a Managed Print Services solution is to reduce and control the costs associated with print across an organization.  One of the first obvious steps in this process (Phase 1) is to ensure that all devices are attached and discoverable on a network to allow for remote monitoring and data collection.  Once this is accomplished, software solutions can be implemented systemically across an organization, or independently on machines, to further enable cost control and document management solutions.  This is the truly exciting phase of implementing an MPS program, as it allows for further cost savings and page volume reductions.

One of the most exciting print management solutions that we have tested, piloted, and deployed is the HP Access Control (HPAC) solution. Here’s a small example of the power of HPAC when deployed properly:

By utilizing RFID card readers that are attached to MFP’s, our clients can now adopt the concept of pull printing technology.  In situations where our clients carry access control badges (usually carried with a lanyard around the employee’s neck – Healthcare, or in a student’s wallet – Education) with them to access different areas or to identify themselves in their buildings/classes. Using HPAC allows for these same cards to release print jobs at any machine, and have that print job automatically assigned to that user’s cost centre or student ID.

Now our clients can track printing costs directly to the user level while simultaneously reducing instances of “Unclaimed Print Jobs”. It is estimated that Unclaimed Print Jobs can conservatively add up to 30% of all print volume. That can equates to millions of printed, but unclaimed, pages per year in large organizations.

Additionally, a new layer of security is added to all printed documents, especially with respect to confidential and other sensitive “eyes only” documents, as print jobs are not released from the machine until the user has swiped their own access card to release the print job.

The applications are literally endless once a fleet is networked and managed.  For an enlightened discussion on how our Software Solutions can help you better manage your print environment, contact us today!