We really do take this seriously.  We can’t stand waste.

All of our programs and services are steeped in the “three R’s” of good sustainability practices: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  We’re vigilant both internally and externally at being model corporate citizens, and our “zero-waste policy” ensures that we recycle the vast amounts of cardboard, plastic, wood, and even styrofoam that is prevalent in our industry.

Our MPS programs keep the three R’s at a the forefront of all our practices:

From a Reduce perspective, the Design aspect of our Optimization Plans embedded in our MPS Solution is centered around reducing the number of devices required to print within an organization.  This is not necessarily a unique attribute about our program, but is certainly an important feature in any true print assessment.  However, applying the Reduce principle only to machine quantity is where most organizations fail in truly managing their print environment.

Actually reducing the size and  capabilities of some machines is where businesses can save real dollars and reduce their overall carbon footprint.  For example, in traditional office settings, less than 1% of all printed and copied volume is produced on 11 x 17 sized paper worldwide.  In fact, in a recent review of one of our MPS clients, we found that less than 0.5% of images printed were actually 11 x 17.  However, we do print assessments almost daily where we see current customer environments inundated by oversized (11 x 17 capable) and underutilized equipment.  In addition, we always find reams of unused 11 x 17 sized paper decaying and yellowing in paper trays.  

Why does this happen? Perhaps ask “Rick the Copier Guy” how and why His Company allows this type of wastage to occur in any office?



Reusing equipment is one of the most underestimated ways by which companies can actually save money while being responsible corporate citizens.  One of the main advantages of using PrinterWorks MPS services is our ability to adopt used products in our fleet designs and to properly maximize the lifecycle of any printer/MFP.  Our competitors are unable to do this, mostly because they can only manage equipment that they have manufactured or sold, but also because they do not carry the broad service knowledge base that we do.  Properly managing the lifecycle of not just the actual machine, but also the consumable (toner/ink/parts) is also a means by which PrinterWorks is unique.

As machines, products, and parts approach their end of useful life, PrinterWorks ensures that all parts are either broken down into their components and delivered to the proper Recycling stations, or we deliver the product to government approved recycling facilities.

This is real life-cycle product management.